Big Edd's Country Sausage is the finest quality sausage on the market today. Big Edd Townsend still uses his original pork sausage recipe with carefully measured and weighted blends of spices to ensure a uniform taste with every bite. We utilize the latest production technologies to ensure our sausage is handled in the safest, most economical way possible. Produced by HACCP guidelines and USDA inspected, our modern sausage processing facility is committed to producing the finest quality sausage on the market today.

We sit down and TASTE every batch, because there’s just no better way to make sure the sausage we’re sending out is worthy of the Big Edd's name. In fact, we could go on and on about what makes our sausage better than those other folks (going on and on is another family gift, truth be told). But the easiest way for YOU to know is just to taste it, too.

Look for Big Edd's Country Sausage at your local grocery store!

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